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Find all things Penguin TV related on this page. We will post all videos here so that you can get your fill off all things Penguin that you might be missing out on!

We will also post some sneak previews that we are really not allowed to talk about. PLEASE DON'T ASK ABOUT PROJECT 55!!! unless you can be really really discreet.

Thanks for checking out our page and don't forget to check out our new shop which sells everything from parts to Penguin Memorabilia and everything in between.It's so that you can always have a little bit of Penguin close to you. We know that it makes us feel good.

TV, Media and Film Companies


We can source and supply almost any vehicle for use in TV, Film, commercials or any advertising features. We have an extensive global network of contacts within the specialist car markets.

In our shop based in beautiful North Wales, we are able to design, build or customise any vehicle for media usage, whether it be Classic, American or Modern Performance. With our in-house design shop we are also able to wrap or detail any vehicle with custom signage or graphics to transform vehicles, at extremely short notice to look as though they were built in any decade that you choose. We also have in-house vehicle transporters so that we can deal with all of your logistic requirements under one roof.

If you are a Film, TV or advertising company and you have any vehicle requirements for any of your projects then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss, either by email to [email protected], or direct on 01745 403211.

If you are an owner of a Car that you think has character and you would love to see it on the silver screen, on TV in a commercial or in the pages of a glossy magazine, then please contact us and register your vehicle so that we can include it on our directory. We will guarantee your cars safety or if not assure you that it will be loved by a penguin!

We also offer wedding car hire for that penguin twist to your special day 

Contact us, we're Penguins we don't bite!!!