ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping

Your cars performance is controlled by its  ECU most manufacturers set the ECU map to a general setting to cater for all types of engine and environmental conditions. By carefully remapping the engines ECU you can increase drivability , fuel economy and performance. We can also offer speed limiters for fleet or domestic users.

The ECU also needs to be prepared for poor fuel quality, which is common in poorer countries. There is also an incentive to down-tune vehicle engines (car performance), in order to make them fit into a specific market and even, insurance categories. This means that more often than not a ‘lower’ model is in fact, just a down-tuned ‘higher’ model, with exactly the same engine in both. Without these ‘down-tuned models’, manufacturers would struggle to have vehicles for each category.


Confused? Don’t be… Call us & we’ll explain in more detail!

All of our experienced Remap technicians follow the 3 simple steps below to perfectly remap and tune your vehicle. The results are immediate and your engine modification is evident straightaway. Only in rare cases will we have to physically do anything to the engine in your vehicle. So, whether your remap criteria is to save money by lowering fuel costs, or if you just want to have more fun by making your vehicle more responsive & powerful.

Our Remap Process

1. The ECU file is then sent to & worked on by Specialist Engine Tuning Experts at BHP UK’s Head Office and a custom map is prepared for your vehicle.

2. The remapped ECU file is modified & sent back to the BHP UK technician anduploaded back onto your vehicle’s ECU. ECU Remapping is complete and your car will receive
- Increase BHP & Torque by up to 35%
- Reduce Fuel Consumption by 20%
- Smoother Power Delivery
- Fully Revitalised Driving Experience
- Fully Dynamometer Tested Remaps

How Much Power Can Your Engine Remap Provide?

If you have decided you may want to go ahead you may be interested to know what you can gain? Click the button below to find out just how much you can gain. Please note, these are a guide and you can potentially receive more power than originally advertised. We hope more power is ok with you?

Book an ECU Remap

If you are convinced, or even if you're not it could be time to contact us. Pick up the phone now if you have further questions, our technicians are on hand to speak with you and answer your queries. If you don't and you'd like to book, then again contact us and we will arrange a time and date to book you in. Then we can start the process of improving the performance of your car.