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Speed Shop At The Classic Car Show November 2014

Speed Shop At The Classic Car Show November 2014

Our 1928 Modal A on the Meguiar's Stand being judged for best in show, we were also very lucky to meet Mike Brewer from TV's Wheeler Dealers who presented all 16 car owners with gift sets from Meguiar's. It was a fantastic 3 days
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Chrome Effect

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Chrome effect is a highly durable reflective topcoat. The process is water based giving the effect of chrome without the use of harsh chemicals. The finnish is so reflective it can be used to silver mirrors.

The coating can be tinted to offer varing effects shuch as

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rust
  • Nickle

Chromatic colours similar to an annodised finnish but highly reflective. There are limitations to its use it is not suitable for friction parts or very high temperatures.  Engine blocks rocker covers are fine but not exhaust manifolds.


(The scooter is not our work but uses our products )

Large parts such as bumpers or even whole cars are capable of been given the chrome effect treatment.

The system is ideal for:

  • Hard to find trim parts
  • Mazac/alloy castings that have deteriated
  • Wheels

Bumpers and grills 

Custom pieces that have been fabricated such as trim or engineered parts. If it can be painted it can be treated with the chrome effect coatings(subject to temperature and friction limitations)


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