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Speed Shop At The Classic Car Show November 2014

Speed Shop At The Classic Car Show November 2014

Our 1928 Modal A on the Meguiar's Stand being judged for best in show, we were also very lucky to meet Mike Brewer from TV's Wheeler Dealers who presented all 16 car owners with gift sets from Meguiar's. It was a fantastic 3 days
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Buckland B3

The B3Mk2 is available to test drive now 

For details on the History and kit details of the B3 click the links on the left 

buckland B3r123 b3mk2 front





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Eastman Leather US Flying Jacket (A1 .50 CAL Series)

.50CAL is a small range of specialised garments that come only in our Time Worn finish. They will appeal to those who appreciate the nostalgic charm of a true vintage flight jacket. This process is entirely hand done, which takes hours to achieve. The result is a jacket that is still brand new, but you get something that has a vintage lived-in patina that you can continue to add to from the first time you step out your door. Original A-1s that are still in existence are few and far between, but those that are, are generally well worn. Being made from Capeskin (sheep) the leather is softer than other hides such as steer and horse, and therefore sustains scuffing and grazing more easily. The .50CAL A-1 captures perfectly this vintage appeal.

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